Green Tea Fat Burner

Green Tea Weight Loss
Green Tea Weight Loss
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It is a  nutritious product. Although we failed to find out any of the information about it’s manufacturers and the company which makes this product. But we warn the costumers just not to buy a product that is available in the market just like that but check up the sources before doing anything and in addition to that we also warn our costumers to abstain from the products of those companies which do not give the proper information about them online. We will definitely take this product and make a survival study on this and then surely will give a detailed report about it. We also found some general retailers who are willingly selling this products and giving the review on this product.

According to the latest scientific established facts, Green tea turns out to be bane for those who are undergoing weight-loss session. The process  like  the thermo-genesis can burn more fat from the body. So this thermo-genesis process takes place when some one in takes the Green tea and then the process continues and leads them to a Slimmer physique. Many Claim that they are beneficial but it is not that good to take a chance with the health so we need to study more about this product and take a survey and find out that whether this is a decent choice in the market.


The Claims of those selling this product is that, it is said to have caffeine. It also contain Xenedrol blend, Cayenne (fruit) Bladderwack Root and ,  Ginger Root,Eleuthero Root  which was formerly known  called as Siberian Ginseng),Betaine,Leaf, green tea extract, Yerba Mate LeaGotu , Licorice Root, ,chromium,Kola Root and Guarana Seed

Product Features

It contains a mixture of reliable components that are harmless to the human body and ar capable to do what they aim at. However we need to check up the impotency of mix and the quantity of each components used in this formula. But according to the choices and our preferences we see the ingredients of this product. We are also much  interested in knowing the amount of stimulants used. Consuming it in a little quantity may be helpful but excess of leads to many problems like Insomnia, irritability and many others .

As we were helpless in finding the company website that makes this products so we cannot make any statement on the guarantee and a money back guarantee of this product. We rely on offers as it shows the company’s confidence on the product. However it’s been sold for a low price and costs not more than $7. When reviewing, we would like to know about this product in detail.


  •     Contains a decent amountof that ingridiens that are already proven


  •     The online presence of this company is missing.
  •     An excessive quantity can have a negative effect.
  •     No trial offer  and even no money back guarentee


It appears to be a better formula but it lacks in proving it self and its identity which can make the consumers feel the necessity of using it. However the consumers can have a better formula from a more trusted company.

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